Introduction for SEEDS mag, 2020
Zürich, Switzerland


Our eyes are young, new. It is with these that we perceive this moment.
Defining the other end of the binary, old, in a world that is clearly out of sync with its own times, is a messy aspiration. Temporality will require another set of definitions, another vocabulary, if we are to make sense of this confronting disarray. We can no longer tolerate the assortment of labels formerly bestowed upon us.

Then, how do we define the old? As a set of values? Optimism, opulence and growth? As a template? Structures, conformity and borders? As materiality? Disposables, hand-me-downs and past seasons? If we unfold the old, like we’d gently unfold the abandoned attires of our ancestors, we can seek to grow. If we unfold these surfaces like we’d unfold maps over deserted territories, we can guide ourselves across foreign borders, and explore grounds that we have never known. As we unfold, we can let the seams of the old navigate across our bodies, and let them lead to something new.

For grains to grow, the soil will need the labour of the past. The new, is cultivated by fuels inherent in the archives of the old. The now, can not exist without the aid of what has gone, and what there is to come. We are today, the things that we were yesterday. We are tomorrow, what we decide today. You are the gazing sun, this is the spring of water.

We are the seeds.